Nick Heidfeld Vs. Troy Corser on Racetrack

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Nick Heidfeld

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Nick Heidfeld was born on the 10th of May 1977 in West Germany. At the age of 11 he started racing karts and he moved to the German Formula Ford series in 1994. He gained widespread fame and attention by winning 8 out of the 9 races that season. The very next year Heidfeld won the German Formula Three championship with the support of McLaren/west. He seized the runners up trophy in the international formula 3000 championship. He won the same in 1999.

In 2000 Heidfeld was signed as the race driver for the Prost Grand Prix for the season. In 2001 nick Heidfeld left Prost to sign up with Sauber. He stayed with Sauber till 2003 before leaving for Jordan in 2004 when he was replaced by Giancarlo Fisichella in Sauber. During the end of 2004 he tested with the Williams team and at the launch on January 31, 2005 it was made official that nick Heidfeld would be joining Williams for the 2005 season. His performance throughout the season was promising and at the Nürburgring circuit he took his first ever pole position. However due to serious injuries he missed the Belgian as well as the Italian Grand Prix.

During 2006 after BMW bought the Sauber team Heidfeld won a contract with BMW Sauber for the season. His performance was really promising as he scored several points for the new team. In 2008 he finished second in Australia after qualifying fifth and throughout the season maintained the standard of performance. He became a part of the history created after the team’s first victory, alongside Kubica in Canada. After an uncertain period in 2010 he returned to F1 holding hands of Sauber. In 2011 it was confirmed that Heidfeld would be joining Lotus Renault GP. The same year, he finished third at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Nick Heidfeld Edit – SWATCH Snowmobile 2011

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2007 Bahrein G P F1 Nick Heidfeld OnBoard Comentarios Español

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Drivers Choose Their Preferred Car Numbers

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The Formula One’s number one driver Sebastian Vettel will have something to prove after choosing his number for the rest of his driving career. The current number one representing the Red Bulls initially chose number five which would have marked his aim for the fifth title but later he changed his mind and opted for number one.

According to the new rules and regulations a driver would not be able to change his car number every year. From now on or rather from this season they will have to choose a number they think is the best or lucky and stick to that for the rest of his career. The experts think that this will allow the drivers to market themselves more effectively than ever before. The four time champion will be looking to defend the championship and would also want to justify the number he has chosen for his car.

Sebastian Vettel’s other team mate from the Red Bulls Daniel Ricciardo decided to choose number three for his first season and he will try to achieve the all conquering marquee in his debut year. Last year runner up Fernando Alonso has also revealed the number he has chosen for his car and it is number 14.

He has lots of memories for this number 14 which takes him back to the karting days when he first won it at the age of 14 and on the date of 14th July. In addition to that he is also fond of the Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso who also wears number 14. Hence the decision. Jenson Button of McLaren will ride on a number 22 which is lucky for him because that was the number which he had in 2009, the year when he won the championship for the first time. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes will sport the number 44 and Nico Rosberg his team mate has taken number 6.

Nick Heidfeld drives the M3 simulator on Nürburgring

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Vettel The New Champion For U.S. F1 Grand Prix

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Vettel fans must be in a fantastic mood off late- the charismatic German rider from Red Bull has amazed his fans once again with his recent win at the esteemed U.S. Formula One Grand Prix that culminated this weekend.

The prestigious F1 racing championship was held at Austin, Texas. It was the 2nd racing event of US F1 Grand Prix post their re-start in States again.

The 26-year-old German started off in the pole position & maintained his lead entirely throughout the race. The most interesting part is that no other contenders could even pass over him, forget the lead. Its little wonder thus that Sebastian Vettel is unanimously regarded as the fastest of drivers on track with fastest of racecars in his armory. The champion Red Bull racer kept up his superlative pace, heading the rest till he grabbed the coveted checkered flag.

The US F1 Grand Prix title marks Vettel’s 8 consecutive wins this season and the way he led the race surely proves the mighty élan of this charismatic young racer. He just needs another straight win to tie record. In case, the Red Bull rider manages another win in Brazil the coming week, which would be the final race for this F1 season- Vettel would be on the 9th straight win. The Vettel fans might be hoping for the 10th straight win as well with the commencement of F1 2014 season since that would celebrate a record breaking 10 straight wins for this maverick rider.

Till now the innately talented German racer has achieved 4 F1 Championship titles & in 2014 he is going for the number 5.

The Red Bull rider was followed by Romain Grosiean from Lotus in the 2nd position while Mark Webber, his Red Bull mate came up with the third honor at the U.S. F1 Grand Prix.