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2007 Bahraini GP- Fernando Alonso & Nick Heidfeld racestart

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Nick Heidfield

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Nick Heidfeld is a German born race car driver

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Nick Heidfeld is a German born race car driver, best known for his stint in Formula One where he drove for the likes of Sauber, Jordan, Prost, Renault, BMW Sauber and Williams. He currently races for the Venturi Grand Prix in the Formula E.

Heidfeld made his debut in Formula One in 2000 and despite being on the podium on a regular basis, first with Williams in 2005 and then with BMW Sauber in 2007 and 2008, the German never managed to convert those podium finishes in the victories, becoming one of the most high profile racers never to have a race victory to his name.

The German also holds three other unintentional records, where he has scored the most championship points without securing a Grand Prix victory, most podium finishes without victory with 13 as well as most second place finishes without a win with eight. Nick Heidfeld also holds the record for most consecutive race classifications with a tally of 41.

He last raced in Formula One with the Renault team in 2011 as a replacement for the injured Robert Kubica, who was his teammate at BMW Sauber before being replaced himself by Bruno Senna for the following season. Continue reading 'Nick Heidfeld is a German born race car driver'»

Shaq lifts F1 driver Nick Heidfeld

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Heidfeld Worried Over Continuous Misfortune

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Nick Heidfeld’s career has been quite a tragic tale of bad luck & missed opportunities and it’s this continuous misfortune which is now a great concern for the leading German driver.

The German racer holds this record of maximum Formula One podium finishes sans any win & in fact his maiden season at Formula E seems to be an unwanted repeat of the same scenario.

Nick was absolutely in running to triumph the maiden Beijing race prior to his sad last-lap crash which led to his disqualification from next race at Malaysia.

Yes, it’s true that he met with some luck at Buenos Aires & Punta Este & points followed- yet further address were disastrous enough to leave his almost stewing.

“These incidents keep on lingering on the mind & though it’s true to take a positive look at things yet such situations make it really impossible”, remarked Heidfeld. Continue reading 'Heidfeld Worried Over Continuous Misfortune'»

BMW Sauber F1 Team: Interview Nick Heidfeld. Season 2008

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