Shaq lifts F1 driver Nick Heidfeld

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Heidfeld Worried Over Continuous Misfortune

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Nick Heidfeld’s career has been quite a tragic tale of bad luck & missed opportunities and it’s this continuous misfortune which is now a great concern for the leading German driver.

The German racer holds this record of maximum Formula One podium finishes sans any win & in fact his maiden season at Formula E seems to be an unwanted repeat of the same scenario.

Nick was absolutely in running to triumph the maiden Beijing race prior to his sad last-lap crash which led to his disqualification from next race at Malaysia.

Yes, it’s true that he met with some luck at Buenos Aires & Punta Este & points followed- yet further address were disastrous enough to leave his almost stewing.

“These incidents keep on lingering on the mind & though it’s true to take a positive look at things yet such situations make it really impossible”, remarked Heidfeld. Continue reading 'Heidfeld Worried Over Continuous Misfortune'»

BMW Sauber F1 Team: Interview Nick Heidfeld. Season 2008

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Nick Heidfeld touts Montagny “crazy”

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Nick Heidfeld has reportedly touted Frank Montagny as “slightly crazy” post he had a clash with his rival at last November’s Formula E Putrajaya ePrix.

Nick had a bad crash-affected start in his stint with Formula E and by now he had been involved into as many as 4 incidents across 2 race weekends. The German racer was launched amidst a serious crash by Prost (Nicolas) as the duo battled over lead in last round of the Beijing race. Prior to it, it was his Venturi stint that spelt trouble when Nick ended up nudging wall at the practice session in Putrajaya.

Besides, he was involved into 2 more crashes while racing along Malaysian streets. The first one was during the initial lap where Brabham’s (Matthew) lunge on Senna ended in vain. Another one had Montgany taki8ng Nick out of race on 8th lap that had the latter turning into wall at 5th turn. Continue reading 'Nick Heidfeld touts Montagny “crazy”'»

F1 2008 – German GP – Nick Heidfeld Onboard Last Lap

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Nick Heidfeld Dance. Gabber / Jumpstyle / Rave / Junglist ??

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Honda deal will not return McLaren to the top immediately

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Former Formula One Drivers’ World Champion Mika Hakkinen has cast doubts about McLaren F1’s immediate return to the top despite securing a new deal to reunite with Honda in 2015, in a deal that will see the Japanese manufacturers provide engines for the team.

The Japanese manufacturing giants and McLaren formed a formidable partnership with the British team in the 1980s and 1990s when they enjoyed considerable success in the sport before Honda decided to go solo and enter a team of its own.

Following its withdrawal, Honda will return to the sport after a six year absence and wants to return with a bang and they want McLaren to return to the top very soon.

McLaren has not won a race in the last two years and this new engine supply deal with Honda is seen by many as the final piece of the jigsaw as the British team looks to bounce back from its miserable run of form and return to the top where fans think it belongs.

However, the former McLaren driver Hakkinen doesn’t think it will bear fruit as immediately as many people have touted it to. The Finnish driver has stated that the return of Ron Dennis was an important decision for the team and his return has seen the team move in the right direction once again.

He said that he had worked with several engine manufacturers during his time in the sport but added that after a change of engines, they were never satisfied in the first year.

Hakkinen went on to add that based on his own experiences, it would be a minor miracle if Honda managed to return McLaren to the front of the grid in its first year but they have vast experience in racing and he wouldn’t completely rule it out.