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Sergio Perez Blamed Tyre Supplier Pirelli

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Sergio Perez has put the blame on tyre supplier Pirelli for what he considers to be a humiliating gap between the pace of GP2 cars and Formula 1 this year. Without a doubt, the leading F1 cars are definitely few seconds faster than that of GP2 but there has also been an area of overlap between the F1 cars that are slower and the faster GP2 cars.

Perez has not hesitated in criticizing this year’s F1 and its racing and calling it boring. He is trying to convince Pirelli to take out his aggressive side with its compound choices so as to make a better spectacle for the fans as well as the driving experience of the drivers. Perez feels that it’s a just a little more than embarrassing that the GP2 cars are close to them despite the budget they have to work with. His fastest time in the Spanish Grand Prix practice happened to be only half of a second quicker than what was set in the GP2 practice. He feels that Pirelli needs to bring out the aggression because in the race to occur on Sunday, everyone will behave their eyes on each other and it will ultimately end up being boring. And that is definitely not good for the sport.

Perez claims that the tyres introduced for this season are harder and do not match the cars’ levels of down force which have reduced significantly because of the winter regulation changes. He also added that tyre compound effect is way too big though there is less down force than the past year. The sad part is that Pirelli is not much of a help with pushing them and making them enjoy the driving more. Last year’s problems with the tyre delaminations were highly exaggerated last year. All the drivers are distraught as they are slipping and not finding grip.

Nick Heidfeld lap – Malasia – LRGP R31

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Heidfeld gets gayed out by Sato

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Nick Heidfeld Vs. Troy Corser on Racetrack

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Nick Heidfeld

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Nick Heidfeld was born on the 10th of May 1977 in West Germany. At the age of 11 he started racing karts and he moved to the German Formula Ford series in 1994. He gained widespread fame and attention by winning 8 out of the 9 races that season. The very next year Heidfeld won the German Formula Three championship with the support of McLaren/west. He seized the runners up trophy in the international formula 3000 championship. He won the same in 1999.

In 2000 Heidfeld was signed as the race driver for the Prost Grand Prix for the season. In 2001 nick Heidfeld left Prost to sign up with Sauber. He stayed with Sauber till 2003 before leaving for Jordan in 2004 when he was replaced by Giancarlo Fisichella in Sauber. During the end of 2004 he tested with the Williams team and at the launch on January 31, 2005 it was made official that nick Heidfeld would be joining Williams for the 2005 season. His performance throughout the season was promising and at the Nürburgring circuit he took his first ever pole position. However due to serious injuries he missed the Belgian as well as the Italian Grand Prix.

During 2006 after BMW bought the Sauber team Heidfeld won a contract with BMW Sauber for the season. His performance was really promising as he scored several points for the new team. In 2008 he finished second in Australia after qualifying fifth and throughout the season maintained the standard of performance. He became a part of the history created after the team’s first victory, alongside Kubica in Canada. After an uncertain period in 2010 he returned to F1 holding hands of Sauber. In 2011 it was confirmed that Heidfeld would be joining Lotus Renault GP. The same year, he finished third at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Nick Heidfeld Edit – SWATCH Snowmobile 2011

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