Heidfeld gets gayed out by Sato

By admin, April 30, 2014 10:43 pm

Nick Heidfeld Video clip Score: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Heidfeld gets gayed out by Sato”

  1. Kelvin Chan says:

    sato ended dario franchitti’s career. wow.

  2. nortsoldier says:

    Come on its obvious….Its Grosjeans fault.

  3. Nutelko8 says:


  4. Chris Griffiths says:

    @TheAdams2006 Very strong memory of said team mate bursting into tears too!

  5. Marky Mark says:

    Sato crashes…..alot.

  6. formulacountdown says:

    Sato got DSQed.

  7. SennaHamilton4ever says:

    Leveled with Hulkenberg, ricciardo is to early to tell, maldonado is very
    quick, but inconsistent, koboyashi is better than him

  8. HiHiJay says:

    ” Gayed out ” :D

  9. Madracer1000 says:

    He should have let them past on the straight. I think this was planned as
    well, what with Super Aguri being the Honda B team back then so they held
    up the car in front of the Honda’s so they could get past.

  10. Jed174 says:

    fuck you Sato.

  11. dario272 says:

    lol Dela Rosa was horribly out of shape there

  12. schpyy says:

    No doubt who is king of changeable conditions ;)

  13. azapro911 says:

    Heidfeld originally thought it was Sato’s team mate that crashed into him.
    Poor Sakon Yamamoto got an ear-bashing after the race in a language that he
    didn’t understand, for something he didn’t do and hadn’t even heard about!

  14. cocorocks88 says:

    James Allen trying to create a story where there wasn’t one, again. -_-

  15. Kayspaify says:

    of course not you idiot

  16. Eddie Moz says:

    from his gp2 car????

  17. onewildcarl82 says:

    The stewards would probably find a way to blame him or Maldanado

  18. garethkielty says:

    @telue1 no sato blocked heidfeld which is why barrichello crashed him

  19. Joe Manifold says:

    This is brilliant. Massive troll effort by 3 Honda-engine cars :D

  20. azapro911 says:

    He’s no Takagi in any respect. That guy had raw potential. Sakon, bless his
    heart, had raw cash.

  21. Kerem U says:

    how cud u know that he wasnt gonna get 30 pts in those 8 races

  22. TheMaroth says:

    how can YOU judge, that Kimi is better? thats a bitchmove to say, because
    you never saw both in a car, which was able to win a WC.

  23. charlytheo2007 says:

    Sato finally getting his payback on heidfeld for taking him out in 2002

  24. Steve Migita says:


  25. cunnerzzz says:

    No he doesn’t he’s one of the most couragous drivers in the modern day
    field, he’s a relentless in battle. Why don’t you like the japs?