Nick Heidfeld Grid Interview Japan 2009

By admin, July 22, 2013 10:37 am

Nick Heidfeld Video clip Ranking: four / 5

13 Responses to “Nick Heidfeld Grid Interview Japan 2009”

  1. PatHelmsleyisback says:


  2. MsF1chick says:

    Love his accent, even if it sounds a little bit… odd… especially at that one point…

  3. jay rap says:

    He he he :)

  4. vitalioz says:

    so fahrt,so gut…..idiot

  5. nortsoldier says:

    poor nick xD i bet martin is laughing inside xD

  6. hdsport82 says:

    Martin Brundle you’re a grown man :)

  7. Msimina says:

    You can see Martin’s expression XD

  8. Robin Jones says:

    Look at 0:41
    His hand gesture says it all!

  9. alf230202 says:

    ‘I’m ze slowest in ze wanking’

    Brilliant, best bit of the race, best pit walk interview since Kimi’s ‘I was having a shit’

    The questions remains, who was ze fastest in ze wanking?

  10. nessie43 says:

    Priceless indeed…looool

  11. f1insidetrack says:

    this made me laugh at the time. The look on Martin’s face is priceless

  12. Barthezz4 says:

    awesome !

  13. NaszeNajlepsze says: