Nick Heidfeld Vs. Troy Corser on Racetrack

By admin, April 2, 2014 4:49 pm

Nick Heidfeld Video clip Ranking: 3 / five

25 Responses to “Nick Heidfeld Vs. Troy Corser on Racetrack”

  1. tiestoindahouse says:

    they are in love…come ooooon accelerate

  2. Pepijn Bart says:

    The funny thing about this vid is that they have changed places!!!!!

  3. wojtek12NFS says:

    hahaha bad Heidfeld and Kubcia vin and Ruben Xaul lose

  4. Flexfuel306 says:

    idiot. troy is driving the F1 car. He’s used to riding a bike. Not much
    point in him pushing it and breaking or crashing it. Same goes for Heidfeld
    on Troy’s S1000R.

  5. TheArfdog says:

    Ultra stupid

  6. martynhenrystyles says:

    both of them are saying “please dont break my toy”

  7. Rikijekpejnourt says:

    svašta majka rodi, al pive neće…

  8. mophoplz says:

    i don’t think it would overheat for going too slow. if anything, it would
    cool down too much. the tires and brakes would cool and without the heat
    they need, they wouldn’t grip very well.

  9. TheAztec010 says:

    That was lame……

  10. ventea says:

    @ettyboo0 Yeah, put heidfeld into the same shit car schumacher is driving,
    and he will have different results, idiot :p Put Schumacher back into one
    of the top 3 teams, and youd see a completely different result from his

  11. KATAKATE100 says:


  12. Stig Rossi says:

    @BatesyBates2009 True but its worth about 100x as much so makes sns it
    would be quicker

  13. jgroves1996 says:

    1:16 – 1:22 nice leg :) lol

  14. lonewolf74 says:

    im surprised the F1 didn’t overheat from going so slow

  15. teamfab says:


  16. redtesta says:

    haha poor Gran prix car was chillin slow.. he would have run him over lol
    They were just playing around obviously because the camera car was in front
    of them.

  17. Sondre Frøland says:

    @Blueponts Why is it fake?

  18. HarryTipper123 says:

    @HarryTipper123 i just saw the same video with an introduction. its troy
    corser in the car and nick heidfeld on the bike, not otherwise as i

  19. Mongoose1358 says:

    this isn’t racing! the f1 car is going at half the speed it can go…

  20. ender says:

    much less than that.

  21. David S says:

    Check out: “Robert Kubica Vs Ruben Xaus on Racetrack” Case closed.

  22. Claus Nilsen says:

    Would Nick be able to win against a 2005 superbike say like ducati? The
    answer to these questions is without a doubt NO. :-)

  23. kallo182 says:

    What is this???? Senseless Driving in the 3th Gear with about

  24. lunna2k says:

    cameraman is fast

  25. Adam Heath says:

    why they goin so slow lol